Hello from Paris

This is the tourist edition – a sampler if you will, to begin the adventure.

Some pieces of advice or wisdom:

1. Yes, it does take almost an hour to get up the Eiffel Tower. Most of that occurs in the line.
2. Take the stairs on the way down – no but seriously.
3. Don’t go to Moon bar; it’s expensive and pretentious and the cocktails are average.
4. Do wander.
5. Do drink good coffee – but be aware of the price tag attached.
6. #euronlyliveonce
7. Elephants never forget,
8. And the walls have faces.

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Reclaimed by nature.

It was an incredibly chilly day when Jeremy and I took the boat to Alcatraz. While I won’t bore you with strange pictures of jail cells, toilets and stone corridors, there was a strange, eery beauty to the island… The flowers grow wildly about stone buildings, claiming the island in attempt to restore it to its natural state.

Man’s handiwork has yielded to time – and nature.

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